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Subpoena and document preparation

Whether we prepare the subpoena or serve a subpoena prepared by your office, you can name Central Texas Litigation  as the Deposition Officer.

We employ agents across the nation and are proficient getting the subpoena into the right hands as quickly as possible.

We specialize in fast, efficient, cost effective handling and expedient service, including subpoena preparation for client review and approval.

Your access to the record repository provides you with up to date information of the records we've received from the parties involved.

Medical Records

Billing Records

Radiology Records

Subpoena Duces Tecum

Appearance / Production of Business Records

Types of Subpoenas & Preparation

Notice to Counsel

Notice to Consumer

Production of Records

Trial or Hearing Subpoena

Expert Witness Subpoena

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Competitive advantage becomes yours through our subpoena services.

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